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  • Vaughn 9500 Pro Non Certified Cat Eye Sr. Goal Mask
    399.99 USD

    The 9500 goal mask features a complete composite outer shell constructed with carbon and aramid fibers for lighter weight and strength. The shell is high pressure molded and infused with epoxy resin to ensure saturation of the composite fibers and heat cured to provide durability ...
  • Vaughn Carbon Elite Pro Non Certified Cat Eye Sr. Goal Mask
    699.99 USD

    The all-new Vaughn Carbon Elite Goal mask is fully hand crafted and features an increased thickness shell for increased impact resistance and low flex. The shell is constructed of carbon fiber and reinforced with additional layers of aramid fiber bonded and infused with epoxy ...
  • Vaughn Velocity 2300 Non Certified Cat Eye Sr. Goal Mask
    369.99 USD

    An all-new model; the Vaughn 2300 goal mask features a composite exterior shell construction that increases impact protection and reduces flex under high impact loads. The shell is specifically designed with a constantly curving profile to reduce flat spots. This functions to deflect pucks ...